Happy Birthday, Mr. Clooney

But I'm kind of comfortable with getting older because it's better than the other option, which is being dead. So I'll take getting older.
I don't believe in happy endings, but I do believe in happy travels, because ultimately, you die at a very young age, or you live long enough to watch your friends die. It's a mean thing, life.
I just found out about 10 days ago that I must live 300 or 400 yards from Britney Spears... so now I have to move.
I'm certainly the last person to give advice on, well, anything.
The only failure is not to try.
You never really learn much from hearing yourself talk.
Do you want the truth or the politically correct version? The truth is that I go plastic, it`s so much easier. And I like to put the bags over my head at night when I sleep, which I think all the kids at home should try. Kidding!!
Even one kid running around my villa makes me nervous, so I`m definitely not a candidate for father of the year! If I need to surround myself with children and feel like I have this big extended family, I can always call Brad and Angie and ask them to stay with me, just to remind me why I`m so happy without.
People thought I was Tom and Nicole's bodyguard. They'd come up and go, "Is it okay if I go up and ask for an autograph? It was good. I'd charge 'em three bucks a person. Yeah, you gotta make some money off of that.
The best news of the night is that I will not be singing.
Here is my theory in debunking photographs in magazines. You know, the paparazzi photographs. I want to spend every single night for three months going out with a different famous actress. You know, Halle Berry one night, Salma Hayek the next, and then walk on the beach holding hands with Leonardo DiCaprio. People would still buy the magazines, they`d still buy the pictures, but they would always go, `I don`t know if these guys are putting us on or not.
I think it’s funny, but the last thing you’ll ever see me do is jump up and down, saying, ‘These are lies!’ That would be unfair and unkind to my good friends in the gay community.  I’m not going to let anyone make it seem like being gay is a bad thing. My private life is private, and I’m very happy in it. Who does it hurt if someone thinks I’m gay? I’ll be long dead and there will still be people who say I was gay. I don’t give a shit.
I doubt anybody gets taken seriously for very long.
I'd rather have a rectal examination on live TV by a fellow with cold hands than have a Facebook page!

Sretan rođendan C. Grantu našeg doba...


  1. grrrr tako je dobar. I pametan, i genijalan i sta sve ne :D pola filmova gledam cisto da bi gledala njega :D

  2. Previse je to sarma za jednog coveka :))Inace, rado bih ga posedovala..mjau!!

  3. lijep je covjek i dobar glumac,..ALI , samo mi se ne svidja sto je glumio BATMAN-a..hehehe =D

  4. Happy B-Day! :3
    Covjek je genijalan. Definitivno spada u grupu "Sto stariji to bolji".

  5. Ok mi je ali nije bas tako dreamy za moj ukus...

  6. Nije mi nikad bio baš prenapet, ali moram priznati da taj s godinama izgleda sve bolje i bolje.. Kako je to uopće moguće?? :)

  7. je, godine mu odlično stoje ;)

  8. On je kao Sunce, ne bih mogla podnijeti da mu budem previše blizu, bilo bi to malo too much :)

  9. Oopaa gospon Clooney :P Ma sretan mu rođendan i ako treba nekoga za iskakanje iz torte tu sam.

  10. one and only.., ko ga ne obozava!

  11. prije mi se svidjao puno vise nego sad, ne znam valjda s vremenom mi je izgubio tu neku fatalnu privlacnost, ali jos uvijek zaslinim kad ga vidim u odijelu

  12. ahhh Mr.Clooney, jedan od rijetkih glumaca današnjice koji zrači karizmom Zlatnog Doba Hollywooda...

    Rođendan Sretan Mr. Clooney


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